Why does Denver need Athena Project?
Athena Project is a professional group of artists dedicated to supporting and expanding women’s artistic contributions to the Denver stage and the wider community.

Vision: Athena envisions a world where women’s voices are powerfully expressed and recognized for artistic merit in the community.

Mission: Athena Project’s mission is to empower women and strengthen the Denver community through developing and showcasing women and girls’ artistic contributions, while inviting new audiences into the creative process.

Each year, Athena Project produces an Arts Festival, that includes a world premiere play, and our Plays In Progress Series, visual art, fashion, music and dance, and Girls Create, a summer intensive where we highlight various art forms in a week long camp culminating in a final performance to be shared with friends, family, and the public. This program empowers girls to lead and affect change in themselves and others through creative learning.

Athena Project was formed to close a critical gap in the creative life of the Denver community. Women’s creativity is still largely unrecognized in the American – and the Denver – artistic worlds.

The United States is actively fighting to improve gender equality. Central to that battle is recognizing and correcting the fact that while women have a presence in the arts, that presence is largely limited to non-leadership roles: directors, playwrights, choreographers, artistic directors, head designers and featured artists are all fields dominated by men.

As a consequence, the voices of women are systematically muffled. Bringing those voices out is not just good for women; it builds a healthy society. It is this belief that motivates and informs Athena Project programming.

1915865_964257800327159_7894291862137380494_nNobody wants to see a play just because it was that playwright’s turn to be produced. And frankly, no writer wants to be the writer who’s being produced just because it’s her up at bat. Everybody can agree that the plays we want to make and the plays we want to see are the plays that set an audience on fire.” Lisa Kron & Madeleine George, The Dramatist, The Count, November/December 2015, p. 39