Forget stuffy rooms and awkward small talk! Artists Night Out is a unique networking event designed for artists of all disciplines. From structured presentation with Q&A to intermissions where artists chat and enjoy refreshments, participants strengthen their network and the artistic community. Whether you’re an artist by trade or just enjoy art, Artists Night Out is a fun experience for all!

Artists Night Out is focused on female artists, but welcomes anyone at any stage in their career. One event brought together a woman who made custom canes, a NY Playwright who recently relocated to Denver, an accomplished and commissioned painter and an art curator/modern artist, among others.

“A female artist who makes canes, which she’s never shown anyone unfamiliar, went first at Artists Night Out. A friend encouraged her to present as “an exercise to expand her horizons.” Her voice shook as she told us about her craft – how she finds her material, where she draws inspiration, and about the one she made in remembrance of a dear friend she lost just months before. As she wiped the tear that got away, I felt her fear and vulnerability. Then, the crowd began to engage. Almost immediately, she seemed to realize what her friend already knew – that she was safe. In that moment, I saw the impact of Athena.”
-Celeste Ricco, Athena Project Board Member and Marketing Coordinator