You never know where you’re going to find Athena. Pop Up Performances take place all over Denver and the surrounding vicinity, including along the light rail!

Our most popular Pop Up Performance happens at least once a year along the light rail… and it only costs your ticket rtddanceto ride! In 2016, we ran from 13th and Wadsworth to Union Station then back to the Lamar stop for FARMCAD. Participants enjoyed live performances by Bella Diva Dance, singer/songwriter Daniella Katzir, a monologue by Amanda Fresquez, and an introduction to costume design by Kati Oltyan. And, that was before we even got on the first train! Next stop, we met our Founder and Executive Producer and Board Members. Then, we enjoyed another performance by Bella Diva Dance followed by a pop-up hula dance class! Participation was optional, but no one wanted to sit this one out! Our final performance was in the Union Station lobby with a back to school fashion show, designed and curated by RMCAD’s Fashion Design Chair, Darlene C. Ritz.

From discipline, to artist, to layout and location, no two Pop Up Performances are alike!

“On a frigid day in March, Athena Project set up a day of pop up arts along the Denver RTD. We were ready to kick off, except two of the fashion show models were missing. “The show must go on!” insisted Angela, our director. So, with the encouragement of the Athena board members, my 5’2” self volunteered to be a model – a fate I never predicted! An otherwise terrifying experience was enjoyable and unforgettable. Athena Project is about breaking down boundaries for the celebration of the arts and they absolutely succeed in doing so!”

-Jessica Nekritz, Athena Project Junior Board Member